Commercial Buildings

Commercial Building Projects Pty Ltd was established by Rob Lye in 2008.  Prior to this, Rob was involved in the construction of commercial projects, targeting the large industrial and commercial proprietary shed market. The various construction methods and techniques can be incorporated in the design include:


  • Concrete tilt-panel
  • Face masonry
  • Proprietary steel
  • Full structural-steel
  • Composite tilt-panel steel clad
  • Laminated portal beam


CBP’s design and construction expertise affords Clients the opportunity to actively participate in the development processes:


  • Concept Phase: CBP work with Clients to establish a concept design for a building(s) to cater for the Client’s particular location, site topography and operational needs. At this time project budgets are established


  • Design and Approvals Phase: CBP and its Consultants take the concept design and develop it to provide documentation to obtain development approval. Once agreement is reached with the Client on the final design, working drawings are prepared for building approval. CBP have quantity surveying expertise the enables cost planning, control and monitoring of the design to be carried out during this process to ensure the Client’s budget is maintained


  • Construction Phase: With dedicated and qualified staff and sub-contractors, CBP produce a quality product, on time and on budget. All services can be offered to Clients Australia wide, including remote locations as CBP personnel, equipment and construction teams are setup to operate in remote location as required.