CBP specialise in the provision of specialist laboratory fit-out, including incorporation of specific electrical, mechanical, gases, exhaust, processing, trade waste/waste treatment, removal systems and the like. CBP’s design and construction expertise affords Clients the opportunity to actively participate in the following development processes:


  • Concept Phase: CBP work with Clients to develop a concept design for the building(s) and facilities to cater for the Client’s particular needs. For some Clients it maybe just a laboratory; for others there is also a requirement to incorporate a full processing, treatment and storage (internal and external) facility into their new building. There may even be a requirement for CBP to incorporate a particular Client’s requirement into an existing building, with extensive alterations and additions required – providing a cost effective solution, where locality and financial considerations dictate. At this time project budgets are established.


  • Design and Approvals Phase: CBP and its specialist Consultants take the Concept design and develop it, with the Client’s design team to provide documentation to obtain development approval, and once consensus is reached on the final design, working drawings are prepared for building approval. CBP have quantity surveying expertise the enables cost planning, control and monitoring of the design to be carried out during this process to ensure the Client’s budget is maintained


  • Construction Phase: With dedicated and qualified staff and sub-contractors, CBP produce a quality product, on time and on budget. All services can be offered to Clients Australia-wide, including remote locations, as CBP personnel, equipment and construction teams are setup to operate in remote location as required.